Spartan Gourmet Cafe' Menu

We offer a large variety of different coffee drinks made from many different coffee beans ranging from South America, Africa, and Indonesia. All our beans are organic and fair-trade certified and are freshly roasted!


Standard Coffees:

House Coffee:   Sm.12oz - $1.50   Med. 16oz. - $2.00   Lg. 20oz - $2.50

  • An excellent breakfast coffee; smooth, strong body, and very flavorful.

Coffee-of-the-Week:   Sm.12oz - $1.50   Med. 16oz. - $2.00   Lg. 20oz - $2.50

  • Every week we rotate a special coffee so everyone can explore the wide range of flavors all the worlds coffees have to offer.

Decaf Coffee:   Sm.12oz - $1.50   Med. 16oz. - $2.00   Lg. 20oz - $2.50

  • We offer a very flavorful and satisfying decaf coffee that was decaffeinated through the mountain water process so it retains the majority of its flavor profile.
Refills: $.99 (Regular coffees only)

    Americano:   Sm.12oz - $2.00   Med. 16oz. - $2.50   Lg. 20oz - $3.00

    • A classic style of espresso and hot water, similar to regular coffee but with a much more powerful bite to it! (Also in Decaf)

      Red-eye:   Sm.12oz - $2.50   Med. 16oz. - $3.00   Lg. 20oz - $3.50

      • Need an extra burst of caffeinated energy? Try our house or weekly coffee with an extra shot or two of espresso in it!! (Also in Decaf)

      Bring-your-own-Mug (BYOM): -$.25 (On ANY drink!)


        Pour-over & Aeropress Coffees:

        Pour-over:   Sm.12oz - $2.00   Med. 16oz. - $2.50   Lg. 20oz - $3.00

        • Have your own specially prepared cup of gourmet coffee and experience the fullest flavor of each bean. 

        Aeropress:   10oz - $2.50

        • A concentrated variation of the French Press, an extremely delicious form of coffee.

        Single-origin Coffee Choices: Brazil, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Java, Kenya, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Timor


        Cold Drinks:

        Cold-brew:   Med. 16oz - $3.00   Lg. 20oz - $3.50

        Nitro Cold-brew:   Med. 16oz - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

        ICED Latte:   Med. 16oz - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

        FROZEN Latte: Med. 16oz - $4.25 Lg. 20oz - $4.75


        Specialty Drinks: (Also in Decaf)

        Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

        • A delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk, we have a range of flavors to choose from as well!

        Cappuccino:   Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

        • Very similar to a latte but with more foam for a different texture and mouth feel.

        Mocha:  Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $4.25    Lg. 20oz - $4.75

        • Love chocolate and latte's? This is the drink for you!

        Espresso:   2 shots - $1.50   4 shots - $2.50

        • Need a powerful pick-me-up? Throw back a couple shots of espresso and you'll be ready for your day!!

        Chai-Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.00   Med. 16oz. - $3.50   Lg. 20oz - $4.00

        • Enjoy latte's but not interested in the coffee part? A chai latte is the solution for you!

        Hot-Chocolate:   Sm.12oz - $2.50   Med. 16oz. - $3.00   Lg. 20oz - $3.50

        • A classic favorite, made from scratch and creamier and more delicious than you can get anywhere else!

        Matcha Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.00   Med. 16oz. - $3.50   Lg. 20oz - $4.00

        • If you're looking for a rich green tea flavor but in latte form then this is the drink for you!


          Extra Espresso Shot: $.75 per shot

          Flavors: $.50 - Vanilla, Sugar Free Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Mint (We'll be adding even more soon!)

          Milk Choices: Whole, Skim, Almond ($.50), Oat ($.50), Coconut ($.50)

          Toppings: FREE - Whipped cream, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder


          Spartan Specials:

          Ambrosia Mocha:   Sm.12oz - $3.75   Med. 16oz - $4.25   Lg. 20oz - $4.75

          • A drink so flavorful it must be food of the gods themselves! A latte with vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

          Spartan Mint Mocha:  Sm.12oz - $3.75   Med. 16oz - $4.25   Lg. 20oz - $4.75

          • A delicious combination of dark chocolate and mint in a wonderful mocha!

          Helen-of-Troy Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.75   Med. 16oz - $4.25   Lg. 20oz - $4.75

          • A drink worthy of the woman "who launched a thousand ships"; a scoop of matcha green tea, vanilla, and your choice of milk steamed together!

          Achilles Cookies-and-Cream: Med. 160z - $5.00   Lg. 20oz - 5.50

          • There is no warrior as legendary and great as the mighty Achilles just as there is no dessert as delicious and legendary as our cookies-and-cream frozen latte named after him! Oreo cookies, chocolate, ice, milk of your choice, and espresso all blended together with whip cream, cookie crumbs, and caramel drizzle on top!


          Weekly Special - Chocolate and Vanilla Iced Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.75   Med. 16oz - $4.25   Lg. 20oz - $4.75

          June Monthly Special - Theseus Boat Float (Cold brew with vanilla ice cream):   Sm.12oz - $3.75   Med. 16oz - $4.25   Lg. 20oz - $4.75



            Donuts from Mighty Fine:   Donuts: $1.50   Fritters: $2.00