Spartan Gourmet Cafe' Menu

Our location: 4415 East Lake Road, Erie PA 16511

We offer a large variety of different coffee drinks made from many different coffee beans ranging from South America, Africa, and Indonesia. All our beans are organic, fair-trade certified and are always freshly roasted!



Brewed Coffees:

House Coffee:   Sm.12oz - $1.75   Med. 16oz. - $2.25   Lg. 20oz - $2.75

  • Our house-blend is an excellent breakfast coffee! It is bold, medium-bodied, with a wonderful flavor and a smooth finish.

Coffee-of-the-Week:   Sm.12oz - $1.75   Med. 16oz. - $2.25   Lg. 20oz - $2.75

  • Every week we offer a different single-origin coffee (ex. Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra, etc.) or a custom-blend for all those coffee connoisseurs out there who enjoy tasting all the nuances every different bean has to offer!

Decaf Coffee:   Sm.12oz - $1.75   Med. 16oz. - $2.25   Lg. 20oz - $2.75

  • We only use decaffeinated coffee created through either the swiss water process or mountain water process. The flavor of the bean is left completely intact, one wouldn't even notice that it's a cup of decaf if they weren't told!
Refills: $.99 (Regular coffees only)

    Americano:   Sm.12oz - $2.75   Med. 16oz. - $3.25   Lg. 20oz - $3.75

    • A unique style of coffee developed by American soldiers during WW2 while deployed in Europe (thus the name, Americano) (Also in Decaf)

      Red-eye:   Sm.12oz - $2.75   Med. 16oz. - $3.25   Lg. 20oz - $3.75

      • If you are in need of a serious caffeine kick then getting one of our delicious coffees with a double shot of our excellent espresso will give you exactly what you are looking for! (Also in Decaf)

      Cafe Au Lait:   Sm.12oz - $2.75   Med. 16oz. - $3.25   Lg. 20oz - $3.75

      • Enjoy a classic style of coffee with either our house-blend, coffee of the week, or decaf with steamed milk of your choice (whole, skim, almond, oat, or coconut)


          Pour-over & Aeropress Coffees:

          Pour-over:   Sm.12oz - $2.50   Med. 16oz. - $3.00   Lg. 20oz - $3.50

          • Have your own specially prepared cup of gourmet coffee! The pour-over method allows the water (properly temperatured) to steep in the grounds a little longer bringing out even more flavor without it becoming too strong.

          Aeropress:   10oz - $2.95

          • A concentrated variation of the French Press, think of a cup of coffee that is part press and part espresso. A very bold yet smooth coffee experience.

          Single-origin Coffee Choices: Brazil (Med.-dark),  Colombia (Light),  Costa-Rica (Med.-light),  Ethiopia (Blonde),  Guatemala (Medium),  Java (Dark),  Kenya (Med.-dark),  Nicaragua (Med.-light),  Papua New Guinea (Medium),  Sumatra (Med.-dark),  Timor (Med.-light),  Uganda (Medium)



          Green Tea:   Sm. 12oz - $1.75   Med. 16oz - $2.25   Lg. 20oz - $2.75

          • A standard cup of green tea that you can customize with any flavor shots, sweeteners, or honey.

          Earl Grey:   Sm. 12oz - $1.75   Med. 16oz - $2.25   Lg. 20oz - $2.75

          • A standard cup of black tea that you can customize with any flavor shots, sweeteners, or honey.

          Chai-Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

          • A wonderfully creamy tea latte with an explosive flavor of cinnamon and spice steamed with your choice of milk. Can also be made ICED and/or dirty (double shot of espresso added)!

            Matcha Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

            • An excellently rich, creamy, and flavorful tea latte. A potent green tea flavor that mixes wonderfully when steamed with the milk of your choice. Can also be made ICED!

            London Fog:   Sm.12oz - $3.25   Med. 16oz. - $3.75   Lg. 20oz - $4.25

            • A very unique and bold flavored tea latte, a combination of steeped earl grey tea, vanilla flavor, and steamed milk of your choice.


            Cold Drinks:

            Cold-brew:   Med. 16oz - $3.50   Lg. 20oz - $4.00

            • Our cold-brew has become so popular it's fast becoming legend! If you want the best cold-brew in Erie be sure to stop by our cafe!

              ICED Latte:   Med. 16oz - $4.00   Lg. 20oz - $4.50

              • Beat the heat with a cold but still well caffeinated drink! Our espresso is meticulously created and is amazing cold as well as hot!

              FROZEN Latte: Med. 16oz - $4.50 Lg. 20oz - $5.00

              • Needing a latte but also wanting a slushy treat? Add any flavor(s) you want with whip cream on top for quite the gourmet espresso dessert!!


              Specialty Drinks: (Also in Decaf)

              Latte:   Sm.12oz - $3.50   Med. 16oz. - $4.00   Lg. 20oz - $4.50

              • A delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk, we have a range of flavors to choose from as well!

              Cappuccino:   Sm.12oz - $3.50   Med. 16oz. - $4.00   Lg. 20oz - $4.50

              • Very similar to a latte but with more foam for a different texture and mouth feel.

              Mocha:  Sm.12oz - $4.00   Med. 16oz. - $4.50    Lg. 20oz - $5.00

              • Love chocolate and latte's? This is the drink for you!

              Espresso:   2 shots - $1.95

              • Need a powerful pick-me-up? Throw back a couple shots of espresso and you'll be ready for your day!!

                Hot/Frozen-Chocolate:  Sm.12oz - $2.75  Med. 16oz. - $3.25   Lg. 20oz - $3.75

                • A classic favorite, hot or cold depending on the weather, made from scratch and creamier and more delicious than you can get anywhere else!


                  Extra Espresso Shot: $.95 per shot

                  Flavors: $.50 - Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, Spiced Brown Sugar, Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Coconut, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin spice, Apple, and Mint (We also have sugar free vanilla, chocolate, and caramel)

                  Milk Choices: Whole, Skim, Almond ($.50), Oat ($.60), Coconut ($.50)


                  Spartan Specials:

                  Ambrosia Mocha:   Sm.12oz - $4.25   Med. 16oz - $4.75   Lg. 20oz - $5.25

                  • A drink so flavorful it must be the food of the gods themselves! A latte with vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

                  Spartan Mint Mocha:  Sm.12oz - $4.25   Med. 16oz - $4.75   Lg. 20oz - $5.25

                  • A delicious combination of dark chocolate and mint in a wonderful mocha!

                  Helen-of-Troy Matcha Latte:  Sm.12oz - $4.25   Med. 16oz - $4.75   Lg. 20oz - $5.25

                  • A drink worthy of the woman "whose face launched a thousand ships"; a heaping scoop of matcha green tea, vanilla, and your choice of milk steamed or blended (if you want it iced) together!

                  Achilles Cookies-and-Cream: Med. 160z - $5.25   Lg. 20oz - $5.75

                  • An espresso dessert as legendary as the mighty hero it's named after! 3-4 Oreo cookies, chocolate syrup, chocolate frappe powder, milk of your choice, and 2 shots of espresso all blended together with whip cream, cookie crumbs, and caramel drizzle on top!

                  Monster-Mash Latte: Sm.12oz - $4.25   Med. 16oz - $4.75   Lg. 20oz - $5.25

                  • A delicious and rich dessert of red velvet cake and vanilla, with a dollop of cream cheese filling steamed (or blended if you order this iced or frozen) into the milk for an extra creamy texture.

                  Chunkin-Pumpkin Latte: Sm.12oz - $4.25   Med. 16oz - $4.75   Lg. 20oz - $5.25

                  • A wonderful, autumn themed treat of pumpkin spice, caramel, and vanilla. An excellent way to enjoy the fall season!